Forensic investigations

Helping companies manage ethics, compliance and legal issues.

All businesses, regardless of where they operate, are exposed to risks that could have a damaging reputation or financial impact. When corporate ethics, compliance, legal or financial issues arise, anywhere in the world, our local and global team of corporate investigation specialists are there to provide tailored, case-specific solutions.

Our services

Our team have assisted organisations and their legal advisers with assignments in more than 100 countries, relating to some of the following issues:

  • Commercial bribery and kickbacks.
  • Fraud and breach of trust.
  • Tender rigging/bid collusion.
  • Asset theft or misappropriation, including data.
  • Leaking of confidential information.
  • Competition/anti-trust related matters.
  • Workplace-related issues including, sexual harassment, discrimination and inappropriate relationships
  • protected disclosures.
  • Tax investigations.

Our team consists of individuals with expertise gained from working for international companies, local and international regulators, international agencies, law enforcement and consulting firms.

Our team also specialise in advising on speak up/whistleblowing programmes and investigating protected disclosures.

Mazars delivers quality, consistency and value across the globe. We deliver this by listening to your needs and then assembling a core team of individuals from relevant countries or regions around the world. Using our specialist forensic and investigation teams in 20 locations, our experienced investigators in more than 40 countries and our internal audit, internal control and accounting capabilities in 100+ countries, we can support any investigation.

To provide case-specific solutions, our team can also draw on a wide range of in-house expertise located in 100+ countries, including forensic accounting, forensic technology, data analytics, and internal audit teams.

Post-investigation, Mazars can support a remediation plan with a business process or internal control reviews, internal audits, and anti-bribery and corruption reviews, or help with ethics and compliance framework design and implementation.

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