The Future of Business Podcast - Season 1

Hosted by Vincent Wall of Newstalk, the Future of Business podcast series delves into the issues which will have a big impact on the future of business in Ireland and beyond, exploring what’s important both from the perspective of business people and the impact on society more generally.

Season 1

Ep.13: An inside look at third level education in Ireland - Part 2

In part two of our look inside the Irish third level education system, we focus on the issues of equality, diversity, inclusion, the #MeToo movement and the question of consent. Vincent is joined by Mazars Consulting Partner, Dr Graham Love (former Chief Executive for Higher Education Authority) and Dr Annie Doona President of IADT(Institute of Art, Design and Technology) as they give their insights on how Ireland rates against its international counterparts.

Ep.12: An inside look at third level education in Ireland - Part 1

There are approximately 250,000 students enrolled in third level education in Ireland, and the €2.5 billion system is struggling to keep pace with demand. With more people than ever returning to college during their professional career, Mazars Consulting Partner, Dr Graham Love (former Chief Executive for Higher Education Authority) and Dr Annie Doona President of IADT give their insights into the future of the Irish education system as well as what's in store for "lifelong learning" in Ireland.

Ep.11: Inheritance tax and what to do when passing on your assets

In order for people to pass assets or wealth onto the next generation efficiently it is vital that a plan is in place. In this week’s episode Alan Murray, Private Tax Partner, Mazars and Dominic Conlon, Head of Corporate, Leman Solicitors, talk to Vincent about succession planning. When a successful business has been built or wealth exists inside a family hard decisions sometimes have to be made in the latter part of our lives, Alan and Dominic discuss the options available and give some practical advice to people on what to do when creating a succession plan.

Ep.10: Navigating tax challenges for start-ups

Ireland’s tech start-up sector continues to flourish but increasing tax and talent challenges are forcing such companies to consider leaving Ireland and highlights there is still room for improvement. Cormac Kelleher, International Tax Partner, Mazars and Barry McCarthy, Chief Executive Officer discuss the obstacles faced by growth stage digital services companies and how tax incentives like Research and Development (R&D) tax credits, Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and share-option schemes can help foster entrepreneurship and attract talent. 

Ep. 8: e-Learning in the workplace

Video content can be produced so easily these days and with the creation of so many on-line learning platforms, e-learning has become one of the biggest on line industries. In this episode Liz Buckley, Director of HR, Mazars and Dan Halliwell, Director at KnowHowDo discuss e-learning and the effect it is having on modern employees and businesses.

Ep. 7: Artificial intelligence and machine learning

AI is becoming part of our lives more and more as computers and everyday items continue to develop and grow in complexity. Lorcan Colclough, Partner Mazars and Mark Kelly Co-Founder Alldus International and Founder of AI Ireland chat with Vincent about how AI is impacting businesses and changing the world around us.

Ep. 6: People - Profit - Planet

Sustainability, diversity, gender, social and employment issues; modern business leaders and companies have always sought to look at more than the bottom line but now reporting on these issues will become a legal requirement for many companies in Ireland. Mark Kennedy, Mazars Partner talks to Vincent about the changing board agenda and what new EU directives on non-financial reporting mean for companies.

Ep. 5: The threat of cyber attacks

With cybercrime estimated to cost €350 billion per annum worldwide, what is the threat to Irish business and what should we be doing to protect ourselves? Alex Burnham and Michael Conway from Renaissance Contingency Services shed light on this intricate subject.

Ep. 4: The future of pensions

Have you planned for your future? With auto-enrollment around the corner, what is the future of pensions? Listen to Bernard Barron, Partner Mazars and Jerry Moriarty, CEO of the Irish Association of Pension Funds as they chat with Vincent about the pensions landscape right now and what's in store.

 Ep. 3: Irish private equity funding growth

Vincent is joined by John Bowe, Partner at Mazars and Pete Smyth, founder and Chief Executive of Broadlake. They discuss the private equity market in Ireland and break down the reasons for private equity funding and what the partnership can bring to an organisation.

Ep. 2: Protecting your data? - GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

In this episode, the panel breaks down the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Vincent is joined by Liam McKenna, Partner at Mazars and Eamonn Fitzgerald, Chief Executive at the Hermitage Medical Clinic. What is the GDPR and why was it brought in? Who will it effect and what do businesses need to do to protect themselves and their customers? What does the future hold for personal data and will these regulations be effective? Liam and Eamonn shed light on these questions and look at the future of data protection regulation.

Ep. 1: Brexit - Countdown to a meltdown?

Brexit is the topic of conversation in this episode of The Future of Business. Vincent is joined by Mark Kennedy, Partner at Mazars and Dr William Sheehan of the Killarney Economic Conference. They discuss historical legacy, current parliamentary mood, the effect on the educational system and the future of Brexit negotiations.

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