Strategies for executive search recruitment success

As we progress through the start of the year, despite discussions of slowdowns and layoffs, particularly in the tech sector, our experience indicates continued activity in the recruitment and executive search space.

The employment market remains tight, with the most recent monthly unemployment figures remaining unchanged at 4.5%.

Both employers and job seekers are facing an interesting few months ahead and we want to share our insights and tips as you prepare for upcoming vacancies or consider a career move.

Tips to navigate the current market

Embrace transferable skills
Candidates are increasingly exploring roles beyond their usual scope, focusing on expanding their skillsets and exploring their transferable experience, new opportunities and sectors. Job seekers should think outside of the box and widen their search parameters. Take a second look at job profiles – you may just have more of the desired requirements that you first thought!

Employers should really give thought to where your next hire might be looking. Consider alternative recruitment channels such as industry-specific job boards, skills portals, or international platforms.

At Mazars, we advise our clients to expand their recruitment strategies beyond traditional advertising avenues. We recommend leveraging executive search services, utilising tools such as LinkedIn Recruiter, tapping into relevant networks, and exploring other tailored platforms and social media channels.

Invest in learning and development
Learning and development opportunities are becoming a crucial aspect of the employer value proposition (EVP). Organisations should prioritise career-long development to attract and retain top talent.

For organisations facing challenges in attracting senior-level candidates, we recommend evaluating and enhancing your learning and development offerings. Ensure that these opportunities are prominently featured as part of your EVP and are appealing to high-calibre talent.

It is great to see our clients building their skillsets from within and making career development a priority. If you are a job seeker considering your next role, assess the importance an organisation places on learning and development and how it may benefit you and the next step in your career.

Elevate the candidate experience
A positive candidate experience is paramount in attracting top talent. Organisations should streamline their recruitment processes, ensure timely communication, and provide a seamless experience for candidates. A candidate’s impression of an organisation can easily sour if they feel like their application is not being given due consideration, especially if they are actively engaged in the recruitment process elsewhere.

A positive experience, even if the role isn't a fit, can leave a lasting impression and candidates are more likely to keep an eye on your future openings or recommend and share your campaign with their network.

Showcase your EVP
In addition to competitive salaries and benefits, organisations should highlight their culture, inclusivity initiatives, and commitment to employee wellbeing. Painting a holistic picture of your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) helps attract candidates seeking more than just financial rewards. Research continues to show that employees are interested in the overall package on offer. Work-life balance and harmony, inclusivity and employer’s commitment to mental and physical wellbeing are high on candidates’ priority lists. Look at your organisation’s policies and initiatives and work them into your pitch.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives are also gaining importance among candidates. An employer’s approach to their environmental impacts should be emphasised.

Craft gender-neutral job descriptions
To attract a diverse pool of candidates, ensure job descriptions use inclusive language and avoid gender-coded terms. Gender-neutral language fosters diversity and inclusion, especially when recruiting for senior-level positions.

Be human with what you do
The phrase 'people buy people' is so true when it comes to recruitment. At the end of the day, it is people applying for jobs from people looking to grow their teams.

Personalise interactions with candidates and tailor communications to their needs. Adding a human touch to the hiring process, from job advertisements to feedback requests, enhances the candidate experience and improves the success of your recruitment strategy.

How can we help you?

At Mazars, our people consulting team is a leading provider of recruitment and executive search services across both the public and private sectors. Our unrivalled knowledge and experience of attracting candidates across a multitude of sectors and backgrounds, and in managing robust campaigns, ensure candidates of the highest calibre are sourced and identified and that your organisation is protected from any subsequent challenge or risk. 

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