Ireland has historically been recognised as a preeminent location for international leasing transactions including aircraft and equipment leasing and continues to be the foremost provider of aviation leasing worldwide, so much so that an Irish leased aircraft takes off, somewhere in the world, every two seconds.

Mazars has a highly experienced team ready to assist you in a number of areas, from assisting new entrants to the industry, to advising on exit strategies, and also designing operational efficiencies for existing companies. Mazars also provides the right advice and support to ensure compliance with legal, regulatory and accounting requirements.

As part of a global network, we have access to a valuable pool of knowledge and experience across Mazars worldwide.

Key services we provide include:

Audit & assurance

  • Statutory audits
  • Contractual audits

Advisory & internal audit


  • Initial tax structuring options
  • Double tax treaty support and optimising withholding taxes
  • Provision of corporation tax compliance and advisory
  • Transfer pricing assistance
  • VAT compliance and advisory around the VAT efficient methods available to reduce the potential charge to VAT on asset acquisition and disposal, along with Irish and foreign VAT treatment of operational lease structures.
  • Payroll compliance and advisory to leasing companies carrying on an active trade in Ireland.

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