ESG assurance services

The onset of mandatory non-financial reporting has placed more emphasis on assurance to provide greater confidence in the credibility of organisation’s reporting.

The benefits of providing assurance on ESG reporting

  • To enhance the credibility of disclosures related to corporate responsibility and sustainability activities.
  • To inform stakeholders of the progress made towards set objectives.
  • To provide management and those charged with governance comfort over the quality of the information provided.​

Demand for assurance of ESG reporting

Whilst external assurance remains voluntary, an increasing number of entities are providing independent assurance of their ESG disclosures. 

This is driven by growth in investor demands for greater transparency and a booming sustainable financing market (bonds, loans, facilities).​

Assurance frequently focuses upon ​

  • Integrated reports, including environmental, social, governance (ESG), and economic disclosures.
  • Sustainability or corporate responsibility reports, including performance disclosures, data, targets, and KPIs relating to environmental, social, economic, and governance topics.
  • Adherence to principles as defined by external or internal standards or codes of conduct.
  • Specific communications made to particular stakeholders or the board including ESG information such as KPIs, targets, performance against targets, etc.
  • Claims related to social and environmental outcomes of specific products or services.

At Mazars, we have designed a specific methodology and tools and have implemented quality control processes enabling us to provide assurance in line with international standards. ​

Our assurance engagements are performed by a global team of professionals with expertise across a wide range of sectors.

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