Higher Education & Research: What does COVID-19 Mean for the Medium- to Long-Term?

COVID-19 is a Black Swan event for Higher Education & Research. Currently all eyes are on the emergency response, for example, moving assessment online, social distancing in lecture halls etc.

But who is looking at the more fundamental, long-term implications of COVID-19 in higher education and research? For example, who will pay big fees for content delivered and assessed online? Has Research delivered on its promises? Will our institutions play a central role in the recovery?

In this webinar Graham Love, Consulting Partner at Mazars, hosted a panel discussion with UCC President, Pat O'Shea, GMIT President, Orla Flynn, and SFI Chairman, Peter Clinch, as they discussed how higher education and research is delivered, the implications of COVID-19 and what we should be doing now to plan for the medium - to long-term

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