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Protect your strategic vision through a dynamic approach to internal audit

Today’s companies are facing pressures from multiple angles. With new risks constantly emerging, an effective internal audit function can improve operations, facilitate change and provide stakeholders with assurance. We offer sector-specific expertise that helps to enhance your risk management, control and governance processes. 

Our approach

A successful internal audit function should add value for the entire company, as well as provide assurance to stakeholders. It needs to be effective, dynamic and capable of addressing future challenges, and even more importantly, it should provide you with clarity and a true understanding of your business.If you are seeking to set up an internal audit function or enhance an existing team, a partnership with Mazars provides you with a flexible, tailored and effective risk-based approach. We understand just how important it is to build an internal audit function that is effective and contributes to the overall value creation in your organisation. We also know that internal audit faces multiple challenges from different areas of a business while also adapting to a changing regulatory environment. Our team offers deep subject matter expertise across multiple industries to provide you with a tailored solution that meets your complex needs. We bring together specialists from across our network who work in an integrated fashion to ensure you receive the right guidance to deliver on your internal audit plan or develop an entirely new one. We can provide you with advice on:

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