Grant audit

Do you award grant funding or are you in receipt of grant funding? In today’s regulated grant funding market, challenges exist for both funders and grant recipients in respect of accuracy of costs, reliability of grant audit systems, compliance with terms and conditions of grant awards and overall grant governance.

At Mazars, we provide a range of grant audit services to both grand award bodies and grant recipients in the higher education, science, research and development, peace and reconciliation, health, transport and other sectors as follows:

  • Transaction audits
  • System audit
  • Compliance audits including EU compliance
  • Risk assessments of grant schemes
  • H2020 and FP7 audits
  • Article 4, 10 and 13 audits

Our dedicated grant audit team in the corporate assurance services department have vast experience in the provision of grant audit and assurance. We provide a tailored risk based grant audit approach on all assignments which support our clients at each stage of the grant award cycle.

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