Outsourced Subject Access requests (SAR)

Satisfying subject access requests can require a very significant amount of time and effort. Gathering the data, filtering out the irrelevant records, making decisions on what is necessary to include and redacting information appropriately can turn one SAR into a project in its own right.

Outsource the management of individual's rights under the GDPR and remove the pain from subject access requests.

Data subject access requests

Manual review and redaction rates typically deliver 500-1000 items per person-day. Using a manual approach, the effort to manage SARs with 50,000, 100,000 or more items can become unmanageable within the 30- or 90-day response periods. With that volume of information to be reviewed, the risk of error increases, especially where untrained persons are undertaking the review.

Mazars provides an efficient and robust response to SARs that includes:

  • Use of a suit of forensic and eDiscovery tools to capture data, filter out large numbers of non-relevant items and minimise the number of items requiring manual review, decisions and redaction.
  • Access to data protection experts to support decisions around the requirement to release data.
  • Project management to deliver within the mandated timeframe.
  • Advice on engaging with data subjects and the Data Protection Commissioners where required.

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