GDPR audit

A GDPR audit provides you with assurance of your data protection compliance efforts.

Mazars data protection audits allow you to demonstrate your compliance efforts to the board with third-party assurance.  We also identify compliance gaps and risks to the organisation.

Mazars have been providing data protection audits in Ireland and internationally for over 20 years across multiple industries and sectors.  We have dedicated teams that work exclusively with data protection and privacy, giving you the benefit of dealing with GDPR experts as well as auditors. 

Data protection compliance 

An overall view of your compliance concentrating solely on data protection, created from an audit carried out by an independent third party with expertise in data protection and audit. You will benefit from:

  • partner-led client service.
  • a highly technical team from various backgrounds, all with expertise in data protection.
  • our unique, integrated structure allows us to deploy cross-border teams under a single partner.
  • our robust and challenging approach to audit. We do not shy away from face-to-face discussions and challenges on audit issues.

What does a GDPR audit provide?

At the end of your audit you will receive a report which details your level of compliance and offers a road map of further activities. By undertaking an audit you will:

  • Receive expert, independent analysis from our dedicated team members.
  • Be able to benchmark against other organisations in your industry.
  • Have access to a global network of experts, led from Mazars GDPR and privacy centre of excellence.
  • Understand the effectiveness of your efforts to date.
  • Gain an understanding of remaining tasks and be in a position to prioritise based on risk level.
  • Be in a position to display your compliance efforts to stakeholders both internally and externally.


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