Outsource the Data Protection Officer (DPO) to safeguard your compliance

Mazars provides outsourced data protection officer (DPO) services to organisations that do not wish to directly employ a DPO

The outsourced DPO model is designed to give peace of mind and confidence in your compliance efforts while remaining cost-effective. Our experts are solutions focused while keeping data subjects front of mind.

Why outsource your DPO?

The role of the DPO is broad and requires a high level of expertise across a number of disciplines such as information security, cyber security, governance, risk and compliance. The DPO is also required to have good communication skills as they deal with stakeholders across all levels of the organisation and supervisory authorities. While many organisations are required to have a DPO in place, it is challenging to attract and retain a DPO that meets the requirements of experience and expertise and where they are able to do this, can struggle to justify the expense of such a person on a full-time basis.

Recognising this challenge, the GDPR allows for the DPO to be provided by an external service provider. Mazars in Ireland is providing outsourced DPO services to a wide range of clients across multiple industries and sectors.

By outsourcing the DPO service, you will:

  • Reduce the cost associated with a DPO.
  • Have confidence that you can access the full breath of capabilities required of the DPO.
  • Meet the independence requirements for the DPO role.
  • Have access to the Mazars DPO toolkit.
  • Avoid the DPO becoming a key person dependency.
  • Quickly access specialised consultants that know your organisation where there is a data breach or other impacting event.

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