GDPR compliance certification scheme

The European Data Protection Board(EDPB) has approved the first GDPR compliance certification scheme for use across the European Economic Area. This provides compliance-focused organisations with the opportunity to leverage data protection investments to achieve a competitive advantage.

Mazars is a global implementing partner with Europrivacy. We have the expertise to enable you to demonstrate your commitment to compliance via certification.

GDPR compliance certification scheme background

The GDPR allows for EU-wide certification schemes to demonstrate compliance with the GDPR. The Europrivacy certification is the first one to achieve approval from the EDPB.

Europrivacy has been developed in conjunction with an International Board of Experts in data protection, with the support of partners such as the Istituto Italiano per la Privacy e la Valorizzazione dei Dati (IIP), the SECAN-Lab (University of Luxembourg), and IoT Lab.

It is managed by the European Centre for Certification and Privacy (ECCP) in Luxembourg and maintained by the Board of Experts.

Europrivacy certification demonstrates GDPR compliance for multiple processing activities, including products, processes, services, and data protection management systems.

The benefits of the GDPR compliance certification scheme

  • Improve customer trust and enable a competitive advantage.
  • Support interaction with Supervisory Authorities.
  • Identify and reduce legal and financial risks.  The likelihood of a fine will decrease. Certifications are to be acknowledged leading to a reduction in the fine.
  • Demonstrate GDPR compliance to internal stakeholders such as iNEDs, senior management and Boards through independent third-party assessment.
  • Enable compliant cross-border transfers under Art. 46(2)(f), ensuring such transfers are lawful.
  • Recognised by all the Supervisory Authorities across the EEA.

GDPR compliance certification scheme support

Mazars can support you in achieving the benefits by helping you navigate the certification process and close any gaps identified. In supporting you on your compliance journey, we can:

  • Identify the target or evaluation, and confirm it is acceptable
  • Carry out a gap analysis
  • Close any gaps that are identified
  • Collate and submit the evidence required
  • Work with the certification body as necessary
  • Take corrective actions if required
  • Advise on how to use your certificate.
Mazars GDPR certification support for compliance

Consider how certification benefits you, your organisation, and your customers and identify the most relevant processes.

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GDPR compliance certification scheme