Internal audit

Strengthen organisations for the long term

The social housing sector faces a broad array of challenges and opportunities in the current market. The economic environment is uncertain, many organisations need to seek new sources of financing, and an already strict regulatory framework creates additional complexities as it constantly evolves. Social housing operators must also grapple with quality of service requirements, rent controls, asset maintenance, rising costs and other pressures originating within their ecosystem.

At Mazars, we pride ourselves on our proven, robust and effective audit methodology that makes use of deep-dive strategic reviews and continuous auditing processes. Delivered by our highly-experienced and well-resourced team, our internal audit services are delivered by a team of experts, assembled to meet the needs of your business.

By partnering with Mazars you will have access to a well-resourced and experienced social housing team offering best-in-class services. We aim to strengthen your systems, improve reliability and help secure your data by making your internal control system more reliable, optimising and improving the internal audit function, securing your information systems, and making your practices and procedures more reliable.

Our approach to internal audit makes use of the very latest technological tools – such as our proprietary SCAN-D data analysis tool – leveraging our substantial knowledge of the sector and our strong relationships with regulators and industry bodies.