Higher education

The social and economic well-being of Ireland depends on its citizens being highly educated

 Our goal of a knowledge society is reflected in the incredibly competitive education participation rates and in the advancement of quality knowledge and innovation.

The education sector in Ireland needs to develop a sustainable financial model which will be capable of adapting quickly and accordingly to challenges. Current and future challenges include increased students, improving the quality of teaching, learning and research outputs and supporting the development of industry and the community. Mazars is one of the few Irish firms who have extensive experience in the growth and development of the Irish higher educational system and have contributed to improved access, enhanced quality and value for money to both public and private institutions in Ireland.

Our dedicated team of highly skilled education specialists have been supporting Irish and international institutions for in excess of 20 years. Our team includes former leaders of higher education institutions/bodies together with chartered accountants, internal and external auditors, University tax and VAT specialists, business consultants, governance and risk consultants and specialist University system advisors.

It is this education practice who can offer subject matter experts, with a unique range of experience to support our clients most effectively.

In drawing from our experts and wide experience we can support the education sector in the following areas: 

  • Strategy & planning
  • Governance
  • Resource allocation
  • Internal audit
  • Value for money (VfM) reviews
  • Tax planning
  • Project appraisals
  • Risk management
  • Organisational reviews
  • External audit
  • IT/Security audit
  • Operational reviews
  • VAT
  • Support in the preparation of funding applications
  • Cost benefit analysis 
  • Economic and financial appraisal of capital and infrastructure projects


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