Strategic Business Planning at MAAT Transport

After more than 85 years in business, Maat Transport’s operations had expanded to seven business lines in the trucking and logistics industry. This provided it with multiple sources of revenue, but it also made it more complicated. It asked Mazars to refine its strategy and develop a plan for meeting its objectives.

Mazars has a long-standing relationship with Maat Transport as its provider of auditing and tax services. The company had ambitious growth targets and asked Mazars for help with achieving them. Our team carried out an Optimize assessment that aimed to find key gaps in the company’s performance and positioning. We found that Maat’s seven business lines meant it was not focused enough, and that there was also room for improvement in terms of sales, data analytics and operational efficiency.

To overcome these challenges, we worked closely with Maat’s management team over five sessions to understand the business and how it can improve. We put together a strategic business plan on a page that outlined the company’s current position, its ambitions, and the action needed to achieve its objectives. Included in this plan was a set of key performance indicators to help Maat measure its progression.

During the strategic business planning process, Mazars facilitated highly creative and interactive sessions for the three members of our management team. At the end, we were amazed at how much was accomplished in five sessions, especially the visualisation of our breakthrough objectives, which were very useful. Mazars provided a great approach to simply define and execute our strategy, and our new strategic business plan now helps us face the future.

Maat Transport

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