Bringing an International franchise to Ireland

It’s no easy feat to bring an international, multibillion euro retail franchise to a new country. Our ambitious client sought to do just that in Ireland, and contacted us as he was aware of our business planning services and experience with clients operating in the sector.

To help our client bring the franchise to Ireland, we started by creating a strategic business plan and outlining the overall business case. The business plan allowed him to make informed decisions during the investment process. It also outlined the level of investment required for the desired return and served as the basis for negotiations with the global franchisor.

The client required an extremely quick turnaround of the final strategic business plan under a tight budget, and the Mazars team delivered the report within the restricted time frame and on budget.

The process and outputs of the strategic plan was inclusive of:

  • The proposed ownership horizon.
  • The proposed governance and management structure.
  • Defining the vision, mission and value of bringing the franchise to Ireland.
  • Clarifying the target market in Ireland which included an in-depth analysis profiling the industry in Ireland, key competitors and the Irish customer demographic.
  • The proposed market positioning and pricing strategy.
  • A financial model detailing the forecasted performance of the plan inclusive of the P&L, balance sheet, cashflows and expected return on investment over a 10-year period.

It became clear that developing a financial model to stand alongside the market analysis would be invaluable when making investment decisions and negotiating with the global franchisor. The client was very impressed with the level of detail included in the report, how the financial model supported him during the decision-making process, as well as the overall value for money of the assignment.

For more information on strategic business plans, contact us and a member of the Mazars team will be in touch to discuss further.