Women in leadership - Claire Healy, Tax Partner

To mark International Women’s Day 2023, we feature some of our female team in leadership roles. This article features Claire Healy, who shares some of her achievements and challenges.

Tell us a little bit about you and your career.

After graduating with an Accounting and Finance degree from DCU, I trained in the corporate tax department of a Big 4 practice. I then went on to join Mazars as a tax senior in 2013. I was promoted to assistant manager within a year and then to manager and director in quick succession. I am delighted to have recently been appointed as a tax partner in Mazars, which has always been my ultimate career goal.   

Throughout my career, I’ve gained a lot of experience advising international groups across a range of industries on transfer pricing compliance and policies, international investment and intellectual property structuring, and group expansions and reorganisations. As a tax partner in the international tax team, I now have responsibility for developing and growing Mazars' FDI and transfer pricing business – a challenge that I find extremely rewarding.

Claire Healy

I’ve always taken inspiration from more senior females in work. In my view women who are extremely efficient and successful, advocate a strong work-life balance, juggling family commitments and successful careers.

Claire Healy Partner, International Tax

Is there anyone that inspires you in your career?

I’ve always taken inspiration from more senior females in work. In my view women who are extremely efficient and successful, advocate a strong work-life balance, juggling family commitments and successful careers. I have had strong female role models throughout my career who have been very supportive and encouraging in respect of my career aspirations, and I have been able to turn to them for advice and support.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

To me, International Women’s Day is an opportunity to reflect and celebrate the progress made and the positive achievements of women to date on the road to equality, to discuss the challenges we face and to understand our responsibility to effect the changes needed and to inspire and empower the next generation of women. International Women’s Day facilitates and encourages this vital dialogue.

The theme for IWD 2023 is #EmbraceEquality. Can you share any challenges or barriers that you have encountered in your career to date and how you overcame them?

I have been very fortunate to have had great opportunities and a  supportive work environment, with strong mentors and role models guiding and supporting me throughout my career.

For me, the main barrier I faced was more internal, being a lack of self-confidence or imposter syndrome, particularly at the earlier stages of my career. The key to overcoming this was focusing on your strengths and accomplishments, recognising that perfection is not a requirement for success, stepping out of your comfort zone and taking advantage of opportunities to continually learn and improve.

How have you built confidence and/or resilience in your career? Do you have any practical tips you can share?

I have built confidence and resilience in my career through experience by taking on new challenges and constantly learning and improving my skills. I always look to learn from mistakes or setbacks, seek out and take on board feedback and use it to improve my work.

I have also developed a strong network of colleagues and mentors who have supported and advised me and helped me to grow professionally and build confidence throughout my career.

Why do you think diversity in the workplace is so important?

There are many reasons why diversity in the workplace is so important. A diverse workplace lends itself to a broader range of ideas and perspectives, it can help improve communication and collaboration, and can lead to a more productive and innovative work environment. It can also help to improve morale and create a more inclusive and positive work culture.

Having a diverse and supportive work environment is also a prerequisite for attracting today’s top talent.

Can you share any advice you would give to some now who is developing their career?

My advice would be to take advantage of opportunities to learn, grow and develop your skills. Be open to change and new experiences. Take on new challenges and be willing to learn from your mistakes.

I would also seek mentors or role models, who can support you and provide you with guidance and advice as your career progresses. It is also important to have confidence in your abilities and to be prepared to work hard to achieve your goals.

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