Celebrating Pride 2023

We are dedicated to ensuring that Mazars is an organisation where people have a sense of belonging and pride, can make meaningful contributions, and show up as their full, authentic selves. In doing so, we are building a culture that delivers better value for our clients and people alike.

We are delighted to continue our Dublin Pride sponsorship for a second year and have curated a programme for the month of June for those wanting to learn how to best support as an ally, celebrate the LGBTQ+ community or get more involved.

2023 marks a series of milestone anniversaries for LGBTQ+ activism in Ireland. It was 50 years ago that the first Irish LGBTQ+ group was established at Trinity College Dublin. 40 years ago, activists were taking the streets of Dublin for the ground-breaking march to Fairview Park and 30 years ago, homosexuality was finally decriminalised. Because of the importance of these anniversaries, Dublin Pride has announced that the theme for 2023 is Protest. Remember. Celebrate

To celebrate Pride month, we have a series of virtual and in-person events lined up for our staff:

LGBTQ+ Seminar with Laya Healthcare

This webinar will focus on how we can focus on inclusivity in the workplace, LGBTQ+ Communities and how to be more LGBTQ+ aware in our personal and professional lives.​

LGBTQ+ Workshops

The ABCs of LGBTQ+

This will be a fun and interactive learning session with ShoutOut, a registered charity committed to improving life for LGBTQ+ people by sharing personal stories and running educational programmes which offer a comprehensive overview of LGBTQ+ identity, terminology, and allyship. In this workshop, ShoutOut provides a safe space for people to ask questions, and they show how small changes can make a big difference for LGBTQ+ employees. Everyone can learn something here!

How to be an Ally

Being an LGBTQ+ ally can make a huge difference for those in the workplace as well as in everyday life. Whether you show your allyship by showing up to Pride parades or just standing up against homophobia or transphobia. It is super easy too – but sometimes we may worry about using our voices in case we offend or say the wrong thing. Join us as we examine the power of allies, confront our own bias and identify hurtful or damaging language.

LGBTQ+ On Demand Sessions

We have also partnered with Peptalk to bring our employees four incredible talks:

  • ‘Celebrating Pride: Believe to Achieve’ with Stephanie Hirst – Award-Winning Radio Host.
  • ‘How to be you’ with Jeffrey Marsh – LGBTQ+ Activist & Reporter.
  • ‘Opening up the conversation’ with Ben Hunte – The BBC’s first LGBT Correspondent.
  • ‘Pride: A personal perspective’ with Charlie Martin – Transgender Racing Driver.

Happy Pride from everyone in Mazars.

Our people