Cara Hyland Head of AML Advisory

Cara Hyland

Cara joined Mazars in 2022 as Head of AML Advisory, having previously been a senior supervisor within the Central Bank of Ireland’s Anti-Money Laundering Division (CBI). At Mazars she advises clients on their regulatory engagement approach as well as undertaking independent third-party regulatory assurance reviews. She has extensive knowledge and expertise in the areas of corporate governance, culture and anti-money laundering and combatting the financing of terrorism.

During her career at the CBI, Cara supervised a broad range of regulated financial service providers (RFSPs), including wholesale credit institutions, funds, fund service providers, e-money and payment firms. Her responsibilities included:

  • Leading supervisory engagements, including the provision of feedback to firms and development and oversight of Risk Mitigation Programmes (RMPs); and
  • Fitness and Probity Assessments and Interviews - Conducting interviews with existing or proposed senior managers for pre-approval control function (PCF) within RFSPs.

Prior to the CBI, Cara held a number of positions in the private sector including being appointed as Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) on a number of funds, as well as AML Compliance Manager positions for a number of years in the funds sector.

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