Private client tax

Bespoke advice for individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners and senior executives

With increasing tax rates, complex and onerous tax reporting requirements – expert and timely competent tax planning and advice manages tax compliance obligations and individual tax exposure efficiently.

Our specialist personal tax expertise and integrated, international partnership give us capabilities far beyond those of the typical wealth advisors and financial planners retained by high net worth (“HNW”) individuals. For individuals whose tax positions span multiple jurisdictions, our global team is perfectly placed to smoothly handle your tax affairs. 

Mazars works with clients by adding value in the provisions of practical and clever advice on all aspects of personal tax. We can assist individuals with the completion of personal tax returns, claiming of relevant reliefs, calculation of tax liabilities, and advice on filing/payment deadlines.

Our approach

HNW clients often have complex asset holdings that require specialist tax advice. We work with ambitious individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners and senior executives to provide advice and guidance that fits with their busy lifestyles and helps them achieve their aspirations.

We strive to build strong, enduring relationships built on understanding and the belief that each client is unique.

At Mazars, we aim to solve two challenges. First, we help with tax planning: creating a long-term, personalised plan that can even span generations. This can cover both expected and unexpected events in life and business. Second, we help with implementation of the plan: assisting with filing in multiple jurisdictions and ensuring full compliance to minimise the risk of audit.

Business owners who are looking to restructure their businesses can come across CGT and other tax liabilities. Mazars can help to structure such transactions in the most tax efficient way by availing of tax reliefs and thereby minimising the CGT exposure for you and/or your business.

As an organisation that has our own charitable trust, and works with many good causes globally, we understand that many HNW individuals want to give back to society. We can also advise on how to do this is a way that is tax efficient and maximises impact.

Our services

  • Tax efficient structuring including advice on residency and domicile
  • Estate planning and wealth succession vehicles
  • Dispute resolution
  • Lifetime cash flow analysis
  • Tax compliance such as filing returns
  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
  • Advice on charitable giving and philanthropy
  • Entertainment & film sector