Mazars consulting is a specialist unit within the Mazars group with an expertise spanning a wide range of areas We operate globally and thus have close links with our international counterparts frequently liaising with them on assignments.

Industries we can help

Higher Education


The social and economic well being of Ireland depends on its citizens being highly educated. Our...

Health Sector


Ireland’s healthcare system is facing significant challenges with a growing and ageing population...

Public companies

Public Sector

The turmoil in the international and national economic climate continues to put significant...

Mazars consulting has supported organisations across the public and private sector for nearly 30 years. We know it is vital not only to deliver a consultancy service which is technically excellent but also one which meets your needs as an organisation. As such our team comprises experienced business professionals and sectoral experts, as well as technical experts. Mazars operates internationally on the basis of centres of excellence and we avail of the best international knowledge, expertise and experience in delivering our services.

Our ethos is to work in partnership with our clients. From our experience, it is essential that we work as closely as possible with you to ensure that your overall aims and objectives are met and we fully understand the intricacies of your organisation. Our approach is solutions focused, tailored and practical; main areas of expertise are below.

Business Process Improvement

An organisation's overall effectiveness is intrinsically linked to the efficiency of its business operations or processes. As your organisation develops and changes, you need to ensure that operations are carried out in a manner that is driven by the business needs of the organisation and that they are fit for purpose with respect to design, efficiency and effectiveness.

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Cyber Behaviour and Culture

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Most reportable data breaches are a result of human error. By focusing on understanding online human behaviour and an organisations culture, Mazars can help you to design engaging and practical cyber policies, deliver education and implement effective work practices that reduce cyber risk.

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IT Consulting

Information is one of the most important assets in any organisation. Technology is the key tool employed in the management, utilisation and dissemination of this asset, but its use is not always optimised.

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Human Resources & Organisational Development

Mazars HR Consulting
Mazars is focused on working with our clients to find the best and most appropriate solutions to your challenges but we can also give you a different perspective in a time when you need it most.

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Robotics Process Automation

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a form of business process automation technology which utilises software robots to complete manual and repetitive tasks by mimicking employee actions on a virtual or interactive workstation.

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Strategy & Business Planning

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Your strategic planning function needs to deliver an integrated solution in which business plans, organisational structure, funding, systems, processes and resources are fully aligned to deliver on strategic objectives. Strategic planning will establish your medium and long term destination while strategic management and business planning will determine how you will reach this destination.

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Covid-19 Support

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COVID-19 Supporting your Business

The Covid-19 pandemic is causing uncertainty and disruption around the world. Mazars priorities are to protect people and ensure business continuity and service for our clients.

Covid-19 Navigating Workplace

Navigating Covid-19 in the workplace

Employers need to proactively work with and support employees in this time of economic and social stress.

GDPR Survey 2020

GDPR Survey 2020

GDPR Survey 2020

71% of companies say that they reported a personal data breach to the Data Protection Commission (DPC), or another supervisory authority, last year, while only 8% believe they are ‘fully compliant’ with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Mazars Data Protection Newsletter - Issue 6

Just when organisations were getting to grips with GDPR, there are further regulatory changes and challenges to consider. We have provided a summary view of the potential impact on organisations in this newsletter.

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Cast the net wide to get the best hires

As we approach full employment, the competition for talent is intense, recruitment budgets are small and extra pressure and expectation is being placed on lean HR teams to source and retain staff.

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Gender Pay Gap Audit and Reporting Services

The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (Gender Pay Gap Information) Bill 2017 is on track for implementation in Ireland in 2019. This legislation requires employers to calculate and report on their gender pay information annually and will mirror the UK model, which introduced gender pay gap reporting in 2018.

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