Public & social sector

Driving excellence in service delivery through innovation and partnership

Expectations of public and social sector organisations are growing. However, financial constraints and regulatory burdens in the sector create a challenging operating environment. Managers are increasingly asked to do more with less. Our experts help public and social sector organisations build confidence through tailored, practical solutions. Working in partnership with governments and not-for-profit organisations, we identify opportunities for operational and technological innovation to help improve service delivery for the benefit of society at large.

Our approach

Even during challenging times, organisations need to remain focused on delivering outstanding public services. Leadership teams also need to be able to evaluate performance without delay. Our team of experts draws on their market knowledge to help public and social organisations to get the most from what they have. Our strong links across the public and social sector, together with our significant industry experience, inform our approach in public sector audit, advisory and tax. By working to understand your current strategy and long-term ambitions, we identify the solutions that fit your institution and provide guidance needed to build business resilience and create efficient operations in the public and social sector. At Mazars, we are focused on enhancing your organisation’s abilities and prepare it for future challenges.

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An innovative approach to better support people and their communities

Governments around the world are responsible for managing an array of departments and services. With tightening budgets and growing expectations from services, effective management is essential. We are committed to helping governments better manage services, execute programmes effectively and transform their operations. We drive excellence in service delivery through innovation and partnership to ensure the public sector benefits all stakeholders and society at large.

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Providing tailored support so you can play your vital role in society

Charities and not-for-profits play a vital role in our economy and society. However, they often face financial pressures due to changing demographics, fluctuating philanthropic support and regulatory pressures. We help not-for-profit organisations maintain their tax-exempt status, as well as provide a range of audit, tax, and advisory services to secure their operational continuity. We understand that every organisation has different requirements, so we ensure that our solutions are the right fit for your needs.

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Higher Education
The social and economic well-being of Ireland depends on its citizens being highly educated. Our goal of a knowledge society is reflected in the incredibly competitive education participation rates and in the advancement of quality knowledge and innovation.

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