Mazars has in-depth knowledge and proven experience in a variety of industry sectors. We work closely with our clients in the sectorsbelow to understand their needs and propose innovative solutions for the challenges they face.


Integrated services that help you manage change and drive value

A challenging trading backdrop, disrupted supply chains and the emergence of new technologies are transforming consumer behaviour. Now, more than ever, businesses must anticipate customer decision-making and the factors influencing it. At Mazars, we work collaboratively with you to understand your reality: your trading environment, your markets, your operations and your goals. With our experience in the consumer sector, we help companies interpret change in the market and find solutions that enable them to thrive.

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Financial services

Building the future of financial services with forward thinking solutions

Regulatory change and disruptive technology are creating opportunities as well as challenges in the financial services industry. Greater demands for transparency, higher client expectations and a greater focus on risk management mean business models are evolving. At Mazars, our financial services team understands the complexities of an increasingly competitive market and harnesses its experience to help you build a prosperous future. Working collaboratively with investors and regulators ensures we offer tailored, integrated solutions which are the right fit for you and create value for society.

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Healthcare & life sciences

Independent specialist advice to help deliver better, fairer health outcomes

Even before recent events put healthcare to the forefront of global concerns, the sector faced growing challenges. Aging populations, changing funding models, rising public expectations and the advent of disruptive technology have all contributed to difficulties in providing quality care at affordable costs. At Mazars, we understand the need to work collaboratively with companies, governments, policymakers and investors to deliver healthy, safe societies. We offer specialist advice to address cost pressures while leveraging our technical expertise with one objective in mind: to help continuously improve the quality of care.

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Services tailored to help you thrive in an evolving global marketplace

Commercial operations in the industrial sector are experiencing a radical overhaul. Digitalisation, fluctuating input costs, shifting consumer habits and disrupted supply chains present major challenges for competitiveness and growth. At Mazars, we help clients transform operating models and identify opportunities that are the right fit to drive future growth. We bring a balanced, international perspective and optimised local solutions to help you gain a competitive edge in a changing world.

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Public & social sector

Driving excellence in service delivery through innovation and partnership

Expectations of public and social sector organisations are growing. However, financial constraints and regulatory burdens in the sector create a challenging operating environment. Managers are increasingly asked to do more with less. Our experts help public and social sector organisations build confidence through tailored, practical solutions. Working in partnership with governments and not-for-profit organisations, we identify opportunities for operational and technological innovation to help improve service delivery for the benefit of society at large.

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Entertainment & film

Entertainment Sector
Mazars are the No 1 firm in Ireland servicing the entertainment sector. We have a dedicated entertainment practice that act as trusted business advisers to global international high profile entertainers, indigenous performers based in the Irish market and overseas, TV personalities, comedians and actors.

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Technology, media & telecommunications

Innovative ideas for fast-growing, digitally connected technology, media and telecoms companies

The evolution of the TMT landscape continues at a rapid pace. In our digital age, the tech ecosystem is full of innovators and disruptors. Digital companies must be dynamic in response to emerging market forces and tech trends. At Mazars, we help create future-ready and agile digital businesses, poised to seize opportunities as they emerge. Clients, investors, markets and regulators trust our work and are confident in our ability to do what is right. Our scale and expertise mean we can support you in building a more prosperous, connected world with solutions that are the right fit for your future growth.

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