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Public Interest Committee

The principal role of the Public Interest Committee (‘PIC’) is to enhance confidence in the public interest aspects of the firm’s activities with particular reference to high level, general oversight of the firm’s decision-making, stakeholder dialogue, risk management and quality control, remuneration policy and the issuance of selected annual reports to stakeholders.

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Transfer Pricing Rules 2019

Mazars- Transfer Pricing Rules 2019 – the collection of local country transfer pricing requirements across jurisdictions.

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Country by Country reporting 2019

Mazars- Country by country reporting 2019- a collection of local CbC report requirements across jurisdictions.

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A Roadmap to Good Financial Reporting by Charities

Here is a five-step plan to help charities tell their story through the annual report and financial statements. The public has a right to know that charities are economical, efficient and effective in the work they do. High-quality financial reporting by charities plays a key role in meeting the public’s reasonable expectation of probity and impact by charities.

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Mazars Ireland Transparency Report 16/17

Our 2017 Transparency Report comes at an exciting time for Mazars in Ireland. Strong performance over the past year has been accompanied by a renewed commitment to building for the future, and to achieving our vision for the Firm.

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Mazars Assist in Successful IPO of Zutec

On 15 March 2018, Irish software firm Zutec Holdings successfully closed their funding round for their IPO of 50m Swedish krona (€5 million) on the Nasdaq First North stock exchange.

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Claim SARP relief on time!

One of the conditions to avail of the Special Assignee Relief Programme (SARP) is that an employer must certify to Revenue that an employee meets relevant conditions. The certification must be made within 30 days of arrival in Ireland.

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Irish Residence Permit - Update

From December 2017, the Garda National Immigration Bureau Card (GNIB) has been replaced with a new Irish Residence Permit (“IRP”).

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Structuring Share Capital For Capital Gains Tax Reliefs

The purpose of this article is to suggest how rights attaching to a company shareholding may permit or deny its shareholders the opportunity to avail of certain tax reliefs. These tax reliefs could apply when the shareholder is ultimately selling their shares – the main reliefs being retirement relief, entrepreneur relief and holding company exemption. If the shareholdings are structured in an optimal manner, a combination of all three reliefs may be utilised to minimise or potentially eliminate any capital gains tax (CGT).

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Transformation: Mazars Group publishes its 2016-2017 Annual Report

At Mazars, more than ever, we believe that businesses can thrive only by creating shared value for all their stakeholders. Publishing our 2017 Yearbook is a way to take stock of what we have achieved this past year. As a part of our 2016-2017 Annual Report, it also aims at providing a clear and global image of who we are and how we prepare the future. From open innovation to stewardship, from the future of the audit profession to our teams' perspective on the future, we have chosen to shed light from various angles on the notion of transformation.

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The ECJ hearing of the Ryanair case is imminent (C-249/17).

What is in dispute? Recovery of VAT costs claim by Ryanair denied by the Revenue Commissioners. A referral by the Irish Supreme Court to the ECJ asking whether a future intention to provide management services to a takeover target, and if the takeover is successful, is this sufficient to demonstrate an ‘economic activity’ exists for recovering VAT costs?

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Join Our Mailing List

We have insights into developments that affect your business. We can provide you with unique perspectives and thoughtful solutions so you can meet new challenges and seize opportunities.

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Auditing Your Culture

Cultural change will only occur when senior leaders act as role models and work to embed the desired culture in everything the organisation does.

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Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement is effective as and from 25 May 2018. This statement describes how we process your personal information. Please take the time to read it carefully. You have a number of rights in relation to your information including the right to object to processing of your personal information where that processing is carried out for our legitimate interests. In this statement we use the terms “we” and “our” to refer to Mazars.

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Third Party Returns: Are you compliant?

Revenue has begun to issue notifications to taxpayers who are non-compliant with their filing obligations of Forms 46G, with reviews dating back to 2011. A non-compliant taxpayer may be liable to a penalty of €3,000 where a return is not delivered. Additionally, a tax clearance certificate may not be granted and repayments of tax may be withheld.

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Bitcoin; Do I have tax issues to consider?

As a race, we have evolved from the early days of bartering as a means of payment for goods and services, to using coins and notes, and in more recent times to making payments using debit and credit cards. The evolutions occur as technological advances across the globe improve and make the world a smaller place to do business in.

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EU Digital Tax

The European Commission issued two draft Directives on the taxation of the digital economy in March 2018. The drafts propose that companies would have to pay corporate income tax in each Member State where they have a significant digital presence. In the period prior to the enactment of this proposed legislation, the Commission has also proposed an interim measure of a 3% revenue-based Digital Services Tax. This interim tax measure would be levied on specific digital services where the main value is created through user participation.