Inheritance & gift tax planning

Nobody can predict the future, but this does not mean that we do not try to plan for it. Mapping out your wishes and goals can help Mazars achieve them for you. With careful advance tax planning, it is possible to minimise or even eliminate the amount of tax payable on the transfer of your assets to your loved ones.

Mazars specialise in offering individuals and their families bespoke advice on all aspects of succession, tax and estate planning and in structuring their affairs in a tax efficient manner. For example, we can provide you with tax advice on transferring wealth to the next generation or extracting cash/assets from your business. We can also provide you with tax advice on the use of trusts.


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Ep.11: Inheritance tax and what to do when passing on your assets

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In order for people to pass assets or wealth onto the next generation efficiently it is vital that a plan is in place. In this week’s episode Alan Murray, Private Tax Partner, Mazars and Dominic Conlon, Head of Corporate, Leman Solicitors, talk to Vincent about succession planning. When a successful business has been built or wealth exists inside a family hard decisions sometimes have to be made in the latter part of our lives, Alan and Dominic discuss the options available and give some practical advice to people on what to do when creating a succession plan.

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