Share Incentive Schemes

Employee share incentive schemes are an effective way of offering tax savings to employees and encouraging employee participation and retaining staff. Share schemes are important as they allow the employee to participate and share financially in the growth of the company in a tax efficient manner.

Many Irish companies operate share schemes and they have become a common feature of employee remuneration packages.

Mazars can assist you with the implementation of employee share incentive schemes. We can offer a comprehensive list of services such as advising on the appropriate scheme to use, drafting the relevant scheme rules and supporting documentation. We can also liaise with Revenue in relation to getting approval, as necessary, for certain schemes. We can also provide advice on the filing obligations for the company and for the participants of the schemes.

In this video Ken Killoran, Tax Director, talks about the benefits of incentivising your management team through share incentives.

It is vital that your business is managed by a team committed to delivering results, growing the business and making it a success, therefore incentivising your senior management and staff is important. Whether your business is a start-up looking to recruit a new executive or an established company seeking to retain its key people, an effective share incentive plan can be a tax efficient way of meeting these objectives. 

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Key Employee Engagement Programme (“KEEP”)

The Minister for Finance announced in his Budget 2018 speech the introduction of a new tax-advantaged share scheme in Ireland known as the “Key Employee Engagement Programme” (KEEP). The scheme was formally enacted on 14 January 2018.