The evolution of Company Law in the 1990's and beyond has resulted in considerable changes in the whole insolvency area. Insolvencies have become more serious environments for company directors and indeed for liquidators, receivers and examiners.

Having enjoyed the benefits of a buoyant economy business is rediscovering the degrees inherent in mismanagement and misfortune in more volatile trading environment.

The increased burden of responsibility imposed on directors by legislation coupled with the current economic situation result in an environment where companies and their directors must align themselves with a suitably qualified and experienced practitioner when faced with a liquidation, receivership or examinership situation.

These three professional services form the backbone of Mazars’ offering in the insolvency services area. The hallmarks of our services are the combination of a highly professional and yet personal approach combined with commercial awareness. Out insolvency team is vastly experienced in the provision of these services having specialised in the area for over 20 years.

In addition we are skilled practitioners in bringing to bear taxation planning, dispute resolution and succession planning as a function of solvent Members Voluntary Liquidations. The Mazar’s international presence furthermore allows us to undertake larger and multijurisdictional assignments guaranteeing a consistently high level of professional and personal services.

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