Solvent or Members Voluntary Liquidation

Solvent or members voluntary liquidations are increasingly the most efficient means of effecting the dissolution of a company and the distribution to its members/contributories of its assets.

The evolution of tax legislation allied to the practical difficulties of ascribing value to individual shareholdings in an amicable or otherwise end to a shareholder relationship has resulted in a greater incidence of this process.

Assets can often be more efficiently distributed in a liquidation situation than would otherwise be the case under alternative distribution methods. The task of the liquidator in such circumstances is to maximise the value and efficiency of the process to the benefit of the shareholders.

Mazars has extensive experience in the liquidation of private and public limited liability companies across a wide range of areas including trading and professional service companies, captive insurance and financial service companies, investment and property holding companies.

Our service capabilities in the area include:

  • Advice on the best methodology to adopt
  • Assistance with all statutory procedures including preparation of statement of affairs, declaration of solvency, calling and conduct of various meetings
  • Attendance to statutory returns
  • Undertaking appointment as members voluntary liquidator and the maximisation of value in asset realisations.

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