Forensic & Investigation Services

Mazars has a range of credible Expert Witnesses and Investigations partners that have given evidence in court and arbitrations and led complex internal investigations.

Our Forensic and Investigation Services (FIS) team has extensive experience of providing high-quality, timely and cost-effective investigations, advice, expert reports and expert testimony on financial and accountancy matters, including:

  • Litigation and arbitration – acting as party appointed, single joint expert or expert advisor in a host of litigation, English and international arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures; and
  • Investigations – providing authoritative and impartial advice in investigations.

At Mazars we understand that success is built on genuine expertise. It is our practice to propose an assignment team that best fits the requirements of the case, whether that team comprises solely FIS specialists or combines the experience and expertise of our FIS team with that of other industry specialists drawn from our Audit and assurance, Tax or Advisory service lines within our global firm.

The FIS team has experience of undertaking assignments in a wide range of sectors including: inter alia, public sector, retail, manufacturing, oil & gas, shipping, mining, telecommunications, intellectual property and royalties, pharmaceuticals, and financial services (including insurance).

We provide a practical and tailored approach to each assignment and are sensitive to concerns over business disruption, confidentiality and reputation issues. The hands-on, innovative and proactive approach of our partners ensures we thoroughly investigate and analyse your case to meet your needs. We present our findings as a written report or statement and, when required, in the witness box.

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Litigation & arbitration

Dealing quickly and effectively with litigation and business disputes is essential if you are to minimise the risks involved and achieve the best outcome. You will require expert advice from professionals with extensive experience of such cases.

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Helping companies manage ethics, compliance and legal issues.

All businesses, regardless of where they operate, are exposed to risks that could have damaging reputation or financial impacts. When corporate ethics, compliance, legal or financial issues arise, anywhere in the world, our local and global team of corporate investigation specialists are there to provide tailored, case-specific solutions.

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Digital forensics & investigations

Recently, fraudulent and criminal activity using computer technologies has been growing and as organisations increasingly rely on digital information as their key assets the need for digital investigations is increasing accordingly.

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