Covid-19 Insights and Advice

Regardless of the market you operate within or the size of business you manage, we all have a common goal: to reduce the impact of this pandemic on operations, employees, customers and the general public.

We are here to help; by cutting through the noise, by sharing reliable, practical information, and by listening to concerns raised to us and offering a helping hand.

Covid-19 We Can Help

Covid–19: The return of “Cash is King”

Covid-19 Cask is King
As the unprecedented spread of the coronavirus around the world continues, businesses are preparing for disruption to their workforce, supply chains and projected cash flow.

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COVID-19 Corporate Finance: Debt Advisory

The speed with which COVID-19 has spread globally and in Ireland, along with government measures to contain the virus, means there will be a significant financial impact on businesses. As with any crisis, there will be both opportunities and challenges. Banks will focus on supporting their existing customers through their various product lines. There is now a real need for the banks to accelerate their decision-making process in light of the situation.

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Covid-19 Government Support Schemes

Covid-19 Government Support
The following measures have been announced by Government in recent days which will no doubt be added to as the crisis evolves.

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Employer COVID-19 Refund Scheme

The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP) has announced the introduction of a new Covid-19 unemployment payment. To ensure that all affected employees can be paid the amount without delay, Revenue is allowing employers to make this payment to their employees through the normal payroll process and seek direct repayment of the amounts due from Revenue.

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COVID-19 Update for employers on employment tax and global mobility matters

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The Revenue Commissioners has issued guidance in relation to employment tax and global mobility matters for employers.

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Insolvency and Directors’ Duties

Covid-19 Insolvency
The scale of the COVID-19 crisis will undoubtedly lead to many businesses facing severe financial difficulty with some inevitably facing insolvency. In such circumstances, there are some key points that Directors should consider in managing the business.

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COVID-19 and Working from Home

ET-work from home.jpg
The unprecedented spread of the COVID-19 has left many commercial buildings empty, with most of Ireland’s workforce working from their homes where possible. As a result, employees may be entitled to tax relief for their utilities, and the payment of these expenses could also save much-needed cash for employers.

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