Covid-19 Helping Your Business

During this time of uncertainty, business leaders need a source of reliable information to help meet the challenges they face. To help, Mazars is creating a series of useful insights written by experts in each subject to offer advice, guidance and practical support.

Business Continuity and Pandemic Resilience (BCPR)

Covid-19 Resilence
Ireland continues to try control the outbreak of Covid-19 coronavirus. The virus has the potential to impact on demand for goods and services and the delivery of these goods and services. This can manifest itself through staff being unavailable, supply chains breaking down, customers cancelling or postponing orders and consequently impacts on cash flow and funding.

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Covid-19 Debt Advisory

Covid-19 Debt Advisory
The speed with which COVID-19 has spread globally and in Ireland, along with government measures to contain the virus, means there will be a significant financial impact on businesses. As with any crisis, there will be both opportunities and challenges.

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Insights & Advice

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Covid-19 Insights and Advice

Regardless of the market you operate within or the size of business you manage, we all have a common goal: to reduce the impact of this pandemic on operations, employees, customers and the general public.

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Helping POB's

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Privately Owned Business

Running a successful privately owned business is never straightforward. There are new challenges around every corner and while we all love a challenge, too many can take your focus off growing the value of your business. A partnership with Mazars reduces the complexity of managing your business and helps you make the right decisions, at the right time, to improve performance, drive growth and enhance shareholder value.

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