Company Restorations

If your company is dissolved involuntarily it’s important to act promptly to avoid sanctions. Mazars will advise you on the restoration process.

Companies may be struck-off for various reasons such as non-filing of annual returns and accounts with the Companies Registration Office or failure to comply with Revenue requirements.

The consequences of involuntary strike off can be severe. Sanctions range from large filing penalties to prosecution of your company’s officers, loss of limited liability status and vesting of your company’s assets in the State.

Company Restorations

If your company is dissolved involuntarily you should take immediate action to have it restored. Otherwise, in addition to the sanctions outlined above, you risk having to make a costly High Court application to be restored to the register.

Mazars can advise you on the restoration process, the complexity and cost of which will depend on whether your company has been dissolved for less than 12 months or for a longer period.

For further information and to discuss your specific requirements, please contact a member of our team.

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