Human Resources & Organisational Development

Mazars is focused on working with our clients to find the best and most appropriate solutions to your challenges but we can also give you a different perspective in a time when you need it most.

We understand the pressures you are under and the urgency of the issues you currently face - we have addressed the same issues before - with other clients in current and previous times and have the experience to work with you and your team to find an effective solution that best suits your current requirements. This solution could include restructuring your business, freezing recruitment, redeploying staff, stopping overtime, reducing staff numbers or a range of other areas all of which require inputs, discussions, and communication with management and staff in order to ensure that they are implemented smoothly and compliantly.

The Mazars Human Resources consulting team includes qualified, experienced HR practitioners with significant experience across the broad spectrum of HR issues, who are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and the Institute of Management Consultants and Advisers.

Our Services include

  • Organisational design and restructuring;
  • HR audits against legislation and best practice
  • Developing and / or updating employee handbooks
  • Reviewing and drafting employee contracts
  • Design of reward strategies;
  • Cradle to grave outsourced HR solutions encompassing all issues relating to the recruitment, redundancy, management, administration, retention and development of employees, and outsourced payroll services
  • Return to the workplace post COVID-19


Gender Pay Gap Audit and Reporting Services

Gender Pay Gap Reporting
The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (Gender Pay Gap Information) Bill 2017 is on track for implementation in Ireland in 2019. This legislation requires employers to calculate and report on their gender pay information annually and will mirror the UK model, which introduced gender pay gap reporting in 2018.

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Covid-19 Support

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COVID-19 Supporting your Business

The Covid-19 pandemic is causing uncertainty and disruption around the world. Mazars priorities are to protect people and ensure business continuity and service for our clients.

Covid-19 Navigating Workplace

Navigating Covid-19 in the workplace

Employers need to proactively work with and support employees in this time of economic and social stress.

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Gender Pay Gap

Common Gender Pay Gap Questions Answered

The gender pay gap is the difference in the average gross hourly earnings of male and female paid employees across a workforce.

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Guest article: Gender pay gap

An Irish female currently earns 14 cents less than every euro earned by an Irish male. This occurs across all sectors and organisational levels. Will the coming legislation help?


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