Business after Brexit Are you ready for a no-deal?

With a no-deal Brexit looking increasingly likely, Irish entrepreneurial businesses should be taking immediate action. Worryingly, IntertradeIreland’s recent all-island Business Monitor indicated that only 11 per cent of respondents say that they have made any preparations for the UK crash out. Cross-border businesses will be the most exposed should the UK leave with no-deal and yet according to the same Business Monitor, more than four-fifths of these traders have not prepared for that outcome.

What steps can business leaders take now to mitigate a no-deal scenario?

How will a hard border between the UK and EU affect your industry, distribution, supply chain, operations and staff?

Businesses who do not understand their potential exposure and are not preparing for a no-deal exit are taking a big gamble. Mazars is committed to supporting our clients in navigating a no-deal Brexit scenario and helping them manage the challenges and opportunities it will bring.

We have identified the following ten steps every small and medium-sized enterprise should consider doing as the chances of a no-deal scenario increases.  




The exact consequences for future policy and regulation remain unknown. It will take time to fully understand the implications of the vote, and it is important to note that Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty provides for two years, from the date the UK Government gives notice to the Council of Europe, to negotiate and agree exit terms.

Mazars Brexit Video Series

Brexit Video Series

While there may be long-term benefits and new opportunities arising from the UK's decision to leave the EU, in the short-to-medium term many clients are facing important and challenging decisions.

Brexit Checklist

Mazars Brexit Checklist

While the final settlement between the UK and the European Union is still to be negotiated, there are steps that businesses can take now. The Mazars Brexit Checklist helps entrepreneurial businesses consider the implications for their company in Ireland and what practical steps they should take to prepare for every eventuality.

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