Public Sector

The turmoil in the international and national economic climate continues to put significant pressure on the Irish Public Sector.

Whilst the Service Modernisation Programme launched a number of years ago is still ongoing, the Government has responded to the economic and other pressures through the issuance of a number of strategy documents including the

  • Report of the Task Force on the Public Service and Government Statement on Transforming Public Services
  • A Framework for Sustainable Economic Renewal (building a smart economy)

These strategies draw on the analysis and recommendations of the OECD Review of the Irish Public Service and set out an ambitious framework to address the current economic challenges and to build a ‘Smart Economy’ with a thriving enterprise sector, high-quality employment, secure energy supplies, an attractive environment, and first-class infrastructure.

The strategies highlight the need to set performance related targets across the public sector, to achieve value for money and to use robust measurement systems that will hold organisations and individuals to account.

The challenge for the Irish public sector both in implementing these strategies and in continuing with previous programmes is significant.

Public attention has been sharply refocused on creating efficiencies and delivering performance, quality and value in a transparent manner. Staff recruitment embargos are putting pressure on resources across the public sector, civil service and publicly funded bodies. In certain cases expenditure votes have been reduced as a result of the recent budget/ supplementary budget. In addition the compliance environment that the public sector is operating within remains demanding and very challenging.

Mazars’ dedicated Public Sector Team works closely with publicly funded bodies at central and local government, agency, semi state and office level across a range of projects and in the provision of a suite of public sector specific services.

We are one of the few audit and consulting firms to offer a complete suite of focused, tailored and practical services to meet the specific requirements of publicly funded organisations.

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