Financial Services

Mazars has a long history of supporting clients in the Financial Services industry throughout the world. Our clients number amongst the largest financial institutions, both internationally and here in Ireland.

Climate Change

Accounting Updates

The world of financial services faces considerable challenges; market conditions in which financial institutions must focus on both fundamental balance sheet management and innovative approaches to capturing funding and realising profitability, coupled with an already complex regulatory environment will almost certainly become more demanding of market participants. Mazars aims to provide support to our clients in dealing with these challenges. We have invested our resources to best understand our clients’ business and, from this base, apply our skills in a proactive manner to ensure that we always provide tangible and measurable results.

We provide audit, tax and advisory across these sectors

Asset Management

Mazars service funds administered in Ireland and abroad with client portfolios in jurisdictions including the Cayman Islands, BVI and Bermuda. As part of a global network, we are able to access a valuable pool of knowledge and experience across Mazars worldwide. We work closely with our international funds' group with key hub cities including UK, USA, Singapore, Luxembourg, Cayman Islands and Bermuda.

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Mazars FS Banking
The banking sector is currently undergoing some of the most significant changes in its history. Recent events are creating market conditions in which financial institutions will have to focus on both fundamental balance sheet management and innovative approaches to capturing funding and realising profitability.

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Credit Unions

Our dedicated team has a strong track record in developing and delivering solutions on behalf of a range of clients, including credit unions, financial institutions and voluntary based organisations.

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Insurance at Mazars
Insurance companies face increasing regulation, competition and risk. Our actuarial team offers practical advice and solutions to address these challenges.

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Ireland has historically been recognised as a preeminent location for international leasing transactions including aircraft and equipment leasing and continues to be the foremost provider of aviation leasing worldwide, so much so that an Irish leased aircraft takes off, somewhere in the world, every two seconds.

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The securitisation industry is a fast-growing and innovative environment and regulations are also getting tighter in the form of International Financial Reporting Standards, Basel II, US GAAP and FIN 46 (R). Companies need professional advisors who offer solutions to an ever-changing and challenging market, who also ensure that companies are fully compliant with all relevant regulatory, accounting and taxation requirements.

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As the role of reinsurance is continuously expanding, Mazars has analysed the latest financial disclosures of the top 10 reinsurers worldwide providing a comparative view for a better understanding of their risk profile and strategy.