The reshape crisis recovery program

Navigate financial and operational uncertainty with a strategy designed to guide you through challenging times; introducing our crisis management, business continuity and recovery service, the Reshape Program.

The program delivers a bespoke, three-year action plan by analysing, reshaping and optimising your business, through a combination of strategic planning and financial forecasting.


With the full extent of the Covid-19 crisis unclear, business owners and management teams are already facing significant volatility with more uncertainty over the months and years to come. Financial and organisational resilience are key to strengthening your business for the future.


A crisis response strategy or crisis management plan is a blueprint that sets out how you will respond to – and survive – any unforeseen events that might adversely impact your business.

Typically, this type of strategy would identify potential crises, establish ways to minimise the risks of these happening, and outline what actions you intend to take if something still goes wrong.


Through interactive workshops with you and your management teams, we will take a deeper look at how your business is performing, assessing current positioning and the impact of the pandemic on your operations, combining this with scenario planning and financial forecasting to help you make informed decisions on the priority areas you should focus on first.

In three simple steps we develop an agile action plan tailored to your business needs, enabling you to adapt your operations and cost base to face the current pandemic and uncertain economic landscape:

  1. Assessment of past & current performance
  2. Analysis of future potential scenarios by identifying key priorities and overall game plan.
  3. Reshaping and optimizing the business through a lean action plan, new financial plans, and reporting system.


Through the Reshape Program, we will work with you to find viable long-term solutions with immediate impact for your business, helping you nurture your financial resilience and leadership.  


  • Outline and quantify the current and future financial impact of the crisis and the additional support you will need, so you can make informed decisions
  • Clearly set out the survival options for your business, including any viable government support, along with the associated benefits, costs and risks
  • Identify immediate issues you should deal with, as well as key priorities for stakeholders, in order to set your business up for long-term sustainability
  • Assess the current cost base profile of the business and build an in-depth scenario analysis

By the end of the process, you will have a:

  • Comprehensive crisis management pack to help you move forward and reshape the future of your business
  • Detailed business plan for the next 2-3 years, forming the basis for operational strategies and financial budgets
  • Detailed integrated financial forecast for 18-36 months, across profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow
  • Comprehensive information pack for relevant third parties (to assist with bank loans, governments grants, other government support and investors) inclusive of pre-crisis track record and future forecasts

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