Business & Financial Sustainability program

The Mazars Business & Financial Sustainability Program has been built around our tried and tested business planning service. It combines the longer term goals of the business with financial planning and specific crisis management objectives in order to help businesses navigate the Covid-19 crisis.

As the public health crisis threatens to fluctuate through peaks and valleys over the next 12 to 18 months, businesses must prepare for continued disruption in sales and operations. This requires planning for a range of likely scenarios over this period – from best to worst case.

This scenario-based approach to crisis planning and financial forecasting allows business leaders to make informed decisions with reasonable speed and precision. Flexing possible cost base, cashflow and operational plans will put the business in the best position as the pandemic passes through the core economic phases of acute, suppression, all the way to a recovery period.   

For many businesses, the support of its wider stakeholder group, including governmental funding agencies, will be critical to navigating the crisis period. A clear 12-18 month crisis management plan which quantifes the extent of the impact financially, details the action plan for the crisis period and outlines the revised financial forecast will provide a solid basis for communicating the priorities of the business. Furthermore it will demonstrate the viability of the business for funding or other longer term support.

The Mazars Business & Financial Sustainability program follows six key phases:

The Mazars Business & Financial Sustainability Program, facilitated by your Mazars advisor, also provides a crisis management framework which enable business leaders continuously assess the scale of the crisis. This facilitates ongoing performance monitoring and the development of remedial actions as new challenges or opportunities arise.

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Please note this program is intended to complement existing crisis projects, including health and safety projects and shorter term operational crisis management and cash flow projects.

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Privately Owned Business

Running a successful privately owned business is never straightforward. There are new challenges around every corner and while we all love a challenge, too many can take your focus off growing the value of your business. A partnership with Mazars reduces the complexity of managing your business and helps you make the right decisions, at the right time, to improve performance, drive growth and enhance shareholder value.