International Tax / Cross Border Transactions

In operating in the global economy, businesses and their owners require and choose to make investments in international markets that provide the optimum return. Informed and practical tax advice influences these critical investments and maximises financial returns.

Whether you are an international business making direct inward investment into Ireland or an Irish company looking to expand into international markets, Mazars tax advisors have a long tradition and the requisite experience in assisting companies with setting up international operations both in Ireland and abroad.

We work with our international associates in devising the most tax efficient commercial structures for our clients. In the past we have advised companies on setting up new operations in the USA, France, Germany, Sweden and Japan.

Mazars is an international firm. We operate in 86 countries and provide international tax advice on a variety of tax issues to multinational businesses through our vast global network of tax experts. We advise our clients on where intellectual property should be located and how the global supply chains should be configured in order to mitigate the overall effective tax rate.

Our services include:

  • foreign tax credit tax advice and planning to minimise withholding taxes
  • assistance on transfer pricing policy and international financing operations
  • advise on cross border mergers and acquisitions
  • determine the most tax-efficient way to structure your foreign offices
  • structure the funding of your overseas business considering the different country’s tax laws
  • manage your effective rate of tax and assist you with timing of transactions
  • tax compliance services for expatriates

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Mazars Global Mobility services brochure

Global Mobility Services Brochure

Helping you deploy your staff on cross-border assignments in today’s economy which is becoming more and more international, leading to a continued increase in demand for globally mobile employees.

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Global Mobility Services

Global businesses require flexible and mobile workforces. Understanding and responding to tax requirements at home and abroad can be time-consuming and complicated.


Private Clients

High net worth individuals, private companies and family businesses work hard to grow and protect their investments and wealth.

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International Services

We provide specialist expertise to help clients overcome key challenges whether they are based internationally and are looking to invest in Ireland, or are based in Ireland, looking to trade or invest overseas.

Tax Residence and Domicile

Tax residence and domicile brochure

An individual’s tax residence and domicile status affects what income and gains will be subject to Irish tax. As such individuals need to be aware of the implications concerning their tax residence and domicile.

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Transfer pricing brochure

Our team consists of tax specialists, accountants and economists which ensures that we provide, develop and implement customised transfer pricing solutions that fit with our clients' commercial and tax strategies.

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Tax Partners

Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing is considered to be the most important tax issue facing multinational businesses today. The escalating variety and volume of intercompany transactions is accompanied by increasing enforcement activities at an international level.

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