Employment Tax Services

In an ever-changing economy, employers are always looking for innovative and tax-efficient ways to reward, retain and incentivise employees, while ensuring compliance with their PAYE obligations.

Our dedicated employment tax team has detailed knowledge and expertise in providing tax advice to employers on all employee tax issues, including the following:

  • Tax-free employee incentives
  • Benefits-in-Kind
  • Share-based remuneration plans
  • Payment of travel and subsistence expenses
  • Termination/redundancy payments

Also, in an era where employers need to be ready for increased scrutiny of its operation of the PAYE system by Revenue, our team can help with the following:

  • Employment tax (PAYE/PRSI) health checks and due diligence reviews
  • Tax advice to payroll professionals
  • Assisting companies with PAYE/PRSI audits
  • Advising on the tax treatment of payments to contractors


To find out more about how our employment tax services team can help your company, please contact the following:

Ken Killoran, Tax Director

T: +353 (0)1 449 4451  E: kkilloran@mazars.ie


Share Incentive Schemes

Employee share incentive schemes are an effective way of offering tax savings to employees and encouraging employee participation and retaining staff. Share schemes are important as they allow the employee to participate and share financially in the growth of the company in a tax efficient manner.