International Services

We provide specialist expertise to help clients overcome key challenges whether they are based internationally and are looking to invest in Ireland, or are based in Ireland, looking to trade or invest overseas.

Mazars has helped many clients fulfill their international ambitions, from supporting a move to import and/or export through to the execution of international acquisition and expansion strategies. By understanding the issues, opportunities and threats of working internationally, our integrated teams in each country can help make international aspirations a reality.

Increasingly the wider benefits of an international presence are being recognised; diversification of risk, economies of scale, increased product lifespan and enhanced performance resilience to name a few. The journey to achieve these is not easy but the opportunities are significant for those with an international mindset.

Whether you are looking to invest in Ireland or seeking expansion overseas in emerging economies, Mazars can help you realise your ambitions. Our local teams understand their markets and provide practical and pragmatic advice on how to operate in their business environment. Plus they do this against the backdrop of our international partnership which means you can expect global thinking with local service.

To meet with us and understand more about our approach to international business please get in touch.

Want to know more?

Asia desk

Invest in Ireland, Mazars, a bridge between Asia and Ireland

投资爱尔兰, 玛泽会计公司,是中国和爱尔兰之间贸易往来的桥梁

Companies in Asia considering acquiring or setting up in Ireland or those currently managing and growing established Irish businesses can benefit from advisers who have an understanding of both the Irish and Asian markets, regulations and practices.

French Desk

Mazars’ French heritage and the great number of French colleagues working in our Irish offices mean that Mazars’ understanding of the French market place is unrivaled. In France, we have over 2,900 staff in 43 offices.

USA desk

American companies considering acquiring or setting up organisations in Ireland or those currently managing and growing established Irish business, can benefit from tailored services from advisers who have an understanding of markets, regulations and practices in both America and Ireland.