The UK public has voted to leave the EU, which will have significant implications for businesses and individuals.

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The exact consequences for future policy and regulation remain unknown. It will take time to fully understand the implications of the vote, and it is important to note that Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty provides for two years, from the date the UK Government gives notice to the Council of Europe, to negotiate and agree exit terms.

We remain committed to partnering with our clients and our people during this period of volatility and uncertainty, supporting them as the implications of the vote become clear and helping them work through any necessary changes.

"The UK exit from the EU will have significant consequences for businesses and individuals in Ireland, the UK and internationally. Over the coming weeks we will work with our clients to assess the impact on their business and help them to navigate through the uncertainty."

Mark Kennedy, Managing Partner, Mazars

Mazars Brexit Checklist

While the final settlement between the UK and the European Union is still to be negotiated, there are steps that businesses can take now. The Mazars Brexit Checklist helps entrepreneurial businesses consider the implications for their company in Ireland and what practical steps they should take to prepare for every eventuality.

Brexit Video Series

While there may be long-term benefits and new opportunities arising from the UK's decision to leave the EU, in the short-to-medium term many clients are facing important and challenging decisions.

Brexit ... The 11th Hour

Well, one can hardly keep up. At the 11th hour, Mrs. May has cancelled the vote – a decision that no one seems to support, and yet many will probably be glad of given the alternative.

Brexit Planning in the Last 200 days

The political process has left businesses facing uncertainty for too long. Large corporations have made their plans. Mark Kennedy explains, with only 200 days to go, it is time for SMEs to act.

411 days and counting…

Risks to Irish Economy post Brexit requires longer transition period and additional supports for Irish Businesses

15th February 2018 – Traditional economic sectors including agriculture and tourism will require post-Brexit financial support from both the EU and Irish state according to Mark Kennedy, Managing Partner at Mazars.

Brexit – potential impact for Ireland

In what is being described as “uncharted waters”, a period of “turmoil and uncertainty” generally for the UK and the rest of the EU and “of economic uncertainty for Ireland”, the UK will cease to be a member of the EU following the narrow “victory” for the leave campaign.