Report - How to Optimize mid-sized businesses

Discover our key findings into how mid-sized companies improve performance & enhance value, gathered from our research into the financial data of European businesses over the last four years, in this in-depth report.

Mid-sized businesses are vital to Europe’s economy. They deliver key products and services and provide employment for many millions of workers. They are also a vital cog in the wider economy. They support smaller and larger enterprises, promote innovation and build long-term capital value for their owners.

Mazars has supported the growth of mid-sized companies for many years, and we take a deep interest in what really drives this key segment of the market. To further our understanding, we analysed the financial data from 72,000 European mid-market companies over a four year period from 2012 to 2015, assessing them both by business model and by four key performance indicators which determine a company’s long-term sustainability and capital value – its profitability, return, liquidity and strength.

Our key findings include:

  • There is considerable variation in the performance of Europe’s middle market companies, with a large gap between the best and worst performers within all business models.
  • The type of business model adopted, and its position in the marketplace, have a significant influence on a company’s performance.
  • Most businesses have extremely low levels of liquidity.
  • The performance of a business can be significantly improved in the space of four years, with almost half of the poorest performing companies moving up one or two tiers over this time.
  • IP-owning businesses have the highest return on total assets, with the best-performing companies in this category having a return on assets of at least 22 percent.

Please download our in-depth report below for access to all of our findings, and our recommendations for helping mid-sized companies to achieve their full potential.

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