Client Testimonials

Examples of how the Optimize programme has already benefited some businesses with interviews given by key members of the businesses in question.


Hibernia College is a private third-level college that specialises in Teacher Training, and provides Master Degree Programmes in Primary and Post-Primary education.


Hibernia wanted to undertake a strategic review of their business with a view to identifying future growth opportunities.  As they had an existing relationship with Mazars, they contacted their Mazars relationship partner to discuss options and were introduced to the proprietary Mazars Optimize programme. 

At the time we were unaware of the Optimize programme that Mazars deployed to assist with this sort of process, and we certainly found it very beneficial from our perspective in terms of helping us to focus on a critical review of our business.

We went through a number of phases as part of the Optimize process, including an initial appraisal of our market, our products, our customers, our business operations, our management and organisation and our financial position and a risk assessment of the business.

It also enabled us to delve deeper into our business operations and identify areas of process improvement and helped us in terms of reshaping and reorganising the management of the organisation structure of the business.

So it gave us a good grounding and a good overview for us to identify strengths and weaknesses in the business and in terms of identifying opportunities for a longer-term strategic plan, it helped us to hone in on those that we felt were viable and attainable for the business.

We found it a very holistic exercise for the business that was all encompassing and certainly, it brought more value to us as a business than we would have anticipated at the outset.”


Atlas Converting Equipment Ltd . is an engineering business engaged in the design and build of machinery for the packaging industry. Primarily based in the UK, it exports globally.


Mazars were initially introduced to Atlas to perform a due diligence exercise on behalf of the bank who were seeking to fund the management buyout.  Following on from this, Mazars have gone on to develop an Optimize relationship with the key shareholders of the business. 

The Optimize programme will really benefit our business with the structured approach to the development of our strategy, business planning and the development of shareholder value.

We feel the areas where Mazars could really help us are in HR development, the development of second tier management and succession planning.

Our Optimize Relationship Partner has made it his business to get a really thorough understanding, not just of our company, but of our strategy and the aspirations of the four partners of the business.

That has put Mazars into a really strong position to introduce the right specialist help for us at the time we needed it. 

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Optimize Videos

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At Mazars we have experienced first-hand what it takes to build a successful business by working extensively with entrepreneurial businesses.

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The entrepreneurial business environment is constantly changing. Business leaders and management teams face significant challenges from disruptive competition, talent wars, technology, regulatory changes and other critical factors.

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