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At Mazars we have experienced first-hand what it takes to build a successful business by working extensively with entrepreneurial businesses.

The Optimize programme has been developed to support business owners and managers sharpen and realign their focus on the long term business agenda to ensure that the business is better positioned to assess challenges, cope with change, evaluate opportunities and make the right decisions within the context of enhancing long term shareholder value.

The Optimize Approach

To allow you to focus on the key issues that really drive business success, we have developed a unique process called ‘The Optimize Approach’ which follows three specific steps:

The Optimize Hub

A key component of the Optimize programme is our proprietary technology platform which brings transparency and efficiency to the process and facilitates a structured discussion and clear decision making for business leaders and the management team.

Your Optimize Partner

The Optimize programme will be facilitated by your Optimize Partner who, using the Optimize Approach & Hub, will deliver a customized assessment report to help you identify the opportunities to bring about growth, sustainability and profitability.

The Benefits

We are confident that this approach can deliver tangible benefits to you including:

  • Clarification of personal goals and alignment with business objectives
  • Smarter and simplified planning, management and business analysis
  • Identification of key actions to drive better business performance
  • Clearer decision making




Optimize Videos

Key professionals involved in the Mazars Optimize programme, speaking of the challenges currently...


ET Optimize

Optimize Testimonials

Examples of how the Optimize programme has already benefited some businesses with interviews given by key members of the businesses in question.

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ET Optimize


The entrepreneurial business environment is constantly changing. Business leaders and management teams face significant challenges from disruptive competition, talent wars, technology, regulatory changes and other critical factors.

ET Optimize

Report - How to Optimize mid-sized businesses

Discover our key findings into how mid-sized companies improve performance & enhance value, gathered from our research into the financial data of European businesses over the last four years, in this in-depth report.

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