The Future of Business Podcast

Hosted by Vincent Wall of Newstalk, the Future of Business podcast series delves into the issues which will have a big impact on the future of business in Ireland and beyond, exploring what’s important both from the perspective of business people and the impact on society more generally.

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Ep. 3: Irish private equity funding growth

Vincent is joined by John Bowe, Partner at Mazars and Pete Smyth, founder and Chief Executive of Broadlake. They discuss the private equity market in Ireland and break down the reasons for private equity funding and what the partnership can bring to an organisation.

Ep. 2: Protecting your data? - GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

In this episode, the panel breaks down the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Vincent is joined by Liam McKenna, Partner at Mazars and Eamonn Fitzgerald, Chief Executive at the Hermitage Medical Clinic. What is the GDPR and why was it brought in? Who will it effect and what do businesses need to do to protect themselves and their customers? What does the future hold for personal data and will these regulations be effective? Liam and Eamonn shed light on these questions and look at the future of data protection regulation.

Ep. 1: Brexit - Countdown to a meltdown?

Brexit is the topic of conversation in this episode of The Future of Business. Vincent is joined by Mark Kennedy, Managing Partner at Mazars and Dr William Sheehan of the Killarney Economic Conference. They discuss historical legacy, current parliamentary mood, the effect on the educational system and the future of Brexit negotiations.

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