Tax Pulse - Tax Issues for Entrepreneurs & SMEs: June 2017

In this issue of Tax Pulse we will discuss how a company shareholding is structured and how it can impact on the availability of certain tax reliefs at a later stage.

The Irish Times recently ran an article advising that Enterprise Ireland was providing funding of €750,000 towards Women-led Entrepreneurship. They have committed to providing €50,000 to 15 women who have their own early stage start-up companies. In return, Enterprise Ireland will receive a shareholding of 10% in the companies. Enterprise Ireland advised that their intention is to accelerate the growth of such women-led start-up companies that have the potential to employ more than 10 people and achieve €1 million in export sales within 3 years.

In this edition, we address the tax issues that may be considered in real life business scenarios like this, whereby an individual has a business idea, he/she forms a company to host this business, and they require financial assistance from a third party to help fund the business. We will look at how the shareholdings in such companies can be structured to optimise the use of the various tax reliefs that may be available. These issues are not exhaustive and will vary from case to case.

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