Tech Trends to Watch in 2018

Lorcan Colclough FCA, Partner and Technology Leader, Mazars shares his views on the likely trends in 2018.

The exponential generation of data will continue in 2018 with increased levels of analytics and more migration to the cloud. The organisation and management of data are being reviewed by businesses ahead of their GDPR compliance deadline in May, and the importance of data security and cyber attacks is another crucial focus in 2018. E-commerce will continue to expand and digital advertising will also benefit from this expansion and the move to mobile.

Another trend for 2018 is the improvement in voice recognition software especially relevant to businesses that are increasingly using chatbots to assist with their customer queries. Many tasks are being automated and the development of artificial intelligence will accelerate. This is also the case for virtual reality and augmented reality applications. The requirement for people and businesses to act quickly to changing technology continues and the internet of things (IoT) will lead to more connectivity in our lives. One of the challenges facing Ireland is the depth and quality of good connectivity. While it has improved, it is inconsistent across the island. Finally, the debate around Blockchain will continue in 2018.