Revenue introduce Jobs and Pensions Service – a new online service for employees and private pension recipients

On the 9 September 2016 Revenue announced the introduction of its new online service, Jobs and Pensions Service, which is effective from 12 September 2016.

 The service will be made available via “MyAccount”, the single access point for all of Revenue’s secure online services (excluding ROS). 

This is a welcome development which will mean that employee tax registrations will be processed faster by Revenue, will be more accurate and will ensure that employees pay the correct amount of tax without delay.

The service allows employees to register their new job or private pension with Revenue. It is also available for employees who are:

  • Changing jobs where the previous job has ceased on Revenue records;
  • Starting a second job; or
  • Starting to receive payments from a private pension.

Significantly, the Jobs and Pension service replaces the paper Form 12A application, so employees must register their first job in Ireland using this service. This will be of particular interest to international employers who are sending employees to Ireland or Irish employers hiring staff from abroad.

Revenue has requested employers to encourage new employees to use the service. Employers will also no longer be able to submit a P46 form where employees register their own job using the service (the P46 form is an application by an employer for a tax credit certificate for an employee).

The release of the service is the latest development under Revenue’s Customer Engagement Strategy 2015 – 2017, which seeks to expand the availability of online and self-service facilities to taxpayers. Further developments will include the introduction of a new PAYE online service in late 2016/early 2017 and the retirement of PAYE Anytime in May 2017.

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