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A Trifecta of Change

2017 was a bedrock year in the changing world of international tax policy. Tax policy was once confined to the business sections of publications. It has now gone main stream and moved to page one.

Tax News Articles

All the latest tax news relating to Mazars Ireland and Mazars Group. Please feel free to contact us in relation to any of issues.

A roadmap to good financial reporting by charities

Here is a five-step plan to help charities tell their story through the annual report and financial statements.

The public has a right to know that charities are economical, efficient and effective in the work they do. High-quality financial reporting by charities plays a key role in meeting the public’s reasonable expectation of probity and impact by charities.

Funding Growth - IoD Blog

IoD Ireland in conversation with John Bowe, Mazars Corporate Finance Partner on how Directors of companies need to understand the various funding options available in the market in order to grow their businesses.

Company Focus

In this series of articles which first appeared in the Sunday Independent, we take a look at some interesting companies in Ireland.