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PAYE Modernisation: Points to Consider

With real-time reporting soon to become a reality, there are a number of vital points for employers to consider.

From 1 January 2019, employers will be required to calculate and report their employees’ tax deductions in real-time, leading to a dramatic change in the way employers and employees interact with Revenue.

Keeping with the Times

PAYE Modernisation marks the biggest change in the PAYE system since its introduction in 1960, writes Mairéad Divilly, Partner - Outsourcing, Payroll and Compliance at Mazars.

Brexit Planning in the Last 200 days

The political process has left businesses facing uncertainty for too long. Large corporations have made their plans. Mark Kennedy explains, with only 200 days to go, it is time for SMEs to act.

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Auditing your culture

Cultural change will only occur when senior leaders act as role models and work to embed the desired culture in everything the organisation does. By Dera McLoughlin.